Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Knitmas To Me!

For Christmas, my mom gave me a "Learn To Knit" kit and taught me the basics! I spent a couple of cozy evenings beside her on the couch, struggling to cast on, knit, and purl while we watched old movies. After several hours of practice, I began making a scarf for Daniel to wear the next time it snows. If I have it finished by then! I ripped it all out a couple times because I made mistakes, so right now it's five inches wide and almost three inches long.

I've got to say it's a bit frustrating when I think to myself, "I'd have the doggone thing finished by now if I was crocheting." But I need the practice, and I'm determined to conquer this new-to-me craft. Or at least stop making so many mistakes. But it'll be a long time before I make anything good enough to sell in my shop....


  1. lovely blog!
    --equivoque from etsy

  2. Keep going, keep going! It will pay off in the end and then you'll be addicted like me. :)

  3. Thanks, equivoque and Stacey!

    Knitsational -- it may be a while before I'm addicted, as right now I'm just stubbornly refusing to give up in disgust, lol. I have a couple of long car rides ahead of me this week, and I plan to work on my knitting then, so maybe with those long stretches of practice, I'll start enjoying it more :-D

  4. I've just decided to teach myself to knit, too! I have enjoyed crochet for years, and am looking for a new challenge, I guess.


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