Monday, December 8, 2008

Once Upon a Time Journal

Like most writers, or at least most fiction writers, I am an avid reader. A bibliophile, even. I love books. That's probably why I became a writer, really -- I wanted to make more of what I love!

This journal's collages are inspired by that love of reading. I found pictures of peaceful places to read, then added a shot of a young woman reading under the open sky, a picture of a woman's still-slippered feet next to her morning paper, and the phrase "Once upon a time." For me, this journal evokes feelings of peace, relaxation, and enjoyment, as well as a little nostalgia. Once upon a time, I could spend all day reading if I wanted to. Now, between caring for my toddler, writing, listing things to sell on Huggermugger, and trying to keep my hubby fed and our apartment reasonably clean... I don't have loads of time to read anymore. Sometimes it takes me a month to get through a single book.

But enough griping! I love this journal -- it's another one I'm tempted to keep for myself. It has so many possibilities, not just for journaling or writing, but for keeping track of books I've read or want to read, writing down particularly good passages or lines, or writing down my thoughts on different books as I read them. Yup, keeping it for myself is very tempting indeed.


  1. Great journal. I'm beginning to teach myself how to make them. I recently bought some bookbinding supplies to try my hand at yet another craft.

  2. Thanks! I don't actually make the journals, I just decorate ones I've made. But I think bookbinding is awesome. Have you seen this blog post from CelesteFrittata about techniques she uses?

  3. Oh, I like it, too!

    And don't feel bad: it sometimes takes me MONTHS to read a book...all that cooking and cleaning is just awful for book-lovers. :)

    Is it hard to make those journals?? They're so pretty...

  4. Is it hard to make those journals?? They're so pretty...

    The hardest part is deciding on a theme for the journal, then finding pictures that fit it. Sometimes I spend hour after hour flipping through magazines, looking for just the right picture that's just the right size. If I'm looking for a perfect word or phrase, that can take a long time too. Once I have all my pictures and words assembled, gluing them to the journal and laminating them is quick and easy :-)

    If I start out with a theme in mind, like "reading" or "hot film noir actors," it goes a lot quicker, because I'm not just looking through every magazine I have, I can focus my search.

    December 17, 2008 10:19 AM


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