Monday, December 1, 2008

A Custom-Made Journal

I made this journal over the weekend and thought I'd share it just cuz it turned out so well.

Last week, I sold the "Write Where You Are" journal I blogged about a while ago, but someone else liked it too, so they requested I make them a similar one. So I did! And just between us, I think it might be a teensy bit cooler than the first one! I'm especially fond of the back cover's arrow and little cartoon woman reading in the bubble bath. That makes me smile every time, just because it's kinda fun and unexpected.

And yes, I will do collages on journals or notebooks by request! I might not be able to fulfill every request ever -- I'm a little limited by what pictures I have available to me, but I can probably come up with something for almost any theme. My own favorite subjects are classic Hollywood, modern Hollywood, writing, reading, food/cooking... the things that I enjoy in my own life :-) So those are the things my own creations revolve around, but if someone requests something focused on another subject, I'd do my best to come up with something that fit. If you'd like to request a custom-made journal, contact me here or on my shop via the "contact Huggermugger" link and we'll discuss your wishes and ideas!


  1. Thanks for the feature! Lots of luck with your blog :-) Looks like you're off to a good start!

  2. I'd love to buy calendar book off you sometime. Not something to actually match the year but something I can record all those birthdays and anniversaries and dates I absolutely never remember unless it falls in April. I'm sick of going, oh, I guess that's another birthday I just missed... so I think I really need a calendar book to write all that stuff down in!

  3. So what you're looking for is something with spaces for each day of each month, but not necessarily corresponding days of the week? Hmm. Would like a day planner with lines instead of squares for each day work? I'll scout around, see what possibilities I can find.

  4. No, it should definitely be a 2008 or 2009 calendar. I just meant I don't care if it's an 2008 (or older) calendar because I'm not going to look at which day of the week the squares fall on. But I'd prefer a pre-numbered bigger calendar square style to some sort of planner thingy.

    Also, there's no hurry, so I could buy this next year when the Christmas rush is off. :-D

    We can talk in email about it.


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