Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Sales on Etsy

Unlike most people, I have all my Christmas shopping done already. That's because I start in May most years. It keeps me from getting too stressed out at Christmas time over whether or not I can find the right things for the right people. And it means that by the time December drifts in, I have time to check out cool sales on things I might want to buy for myself :-)

In that spirit, here are five Etsy shops that are having sales on Christmasy stuff. See if they've got anything you'd like too!

Carrie's Crafty has 20% off all Christmas items. You'll find cool gift tags and cards there. I especially like these peppermint-patterned tags:

Simply Leilani has 50% off all Christmas items. You'll find jewelry, lanyards, and more. Leilani also has a neat blog. I'm particularly fond of these cute little snowman earrings:
Downstairs Designs has lots of holiday stockings on sale. They offer many different patterns, but I like this retro one best:

Unicorn Kids Studios has holiday magnets, earrings, and vintage toys. I think this magnet is especially adorable:

ruaTEA has a sampler of their loose-leaf teas on sale. If you're like me and just starting to develop a taste for tea, this would be a great way to try out different kinds:

Well, that's all the shopping I have time for today... time to go play with Daniel!


  1. Thanks for the plug!

    PS- I like that Coke valance/curtain. I'm slowly working on curtains for my house, too.

    PPS- Leilani's my daughter's middle name. :)

  2. You're quite welcome, Mandy!

    Aren't curtains disturbingly hard to make? They should be so easy, all straight seams, but mine were devilishly hard to get straight and square and... yeah, maybe the next ones will be easier.


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