Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back at the Ranch Jewelry

I'm a cowgirl at heart, didja know that? John Wayne is my hero, I love horses and the outdoors, and not much makes me happier than a good western movie or book. So of course I love the western-themed jewelry sold by Back at the Ranch. I'm particularly fond of this "Don't Mess with Cowgirls" necklace -- isn't it awesome? There's a matching bracelet listed separately too.

Back at the Ranch also has a blog that features lots of other western artwork. If you're a misplaced cowgirl like me, check out both shop and blog.


  1. You are to kind! Thanks for your support. I love your blog and your etsy shop. You remind me of myself when I got so excited about my new banner! lol! Keep that cowgirl spirit riding free! ;)

  2. I'm a writer too and my first novel just came out last week! Am I excited? OH YES! I've been doing signings all day today and I am tired, but happy with sales. I wish you the best with your writing. If you're interested, my books is called Cowgirl Dreams & you can read the first chapter at

  3. You're quite welcome, backattheranch :-D Your jewelry rocks!

    Heidi, how excited you must be! Your first book! I read the first chapter, and it grabbed me right away. Very cool. I see it's published by Treble Heart Books -- a friend of mine, S.M. Ballard, has been published by them as well. They're a cool publishing house. Anyway, congratulations on getting published, and thanks for the link to your site, it's great!

  4. Very Cool, Rachel! You keep meeting more and more neat people through Etsy.

  5. The internet is a wonderful thing :-D


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