Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cyber Monday Sale!

I'm participating in a $5 sale starting on Monday, Nov. 29, along with lots of other members of the Trade-a-holics team. It will run for one full week -- I'll post here again on Monday with links to participating shops. For now, just know that I'm going to have a bunch of my Christmas decorations, journals, and hats on sale. Yes, my new Wooden Word Ornaments like these will be included :-D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Featured on Evoluchun's Misc Blog.

Danyale of Evoluchun's Misc Blog featured one of my Instant Canteens today! Go here to read her nice review. She does a lot of giveaways on her blog, so definitely check it out if you like getting free handmade stuff.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tallulah's Soaps

I actually won two giveaways from Nutshell Farms -- the other thing I won is a cake of Pumpkin Brulee soap from Talulah's Soaps on Etsy.

This soap is awesome! The cake I got is about twice as big as most of the other cakes of handmade soap I've ever gotten. And it honestly smells good enough to eat -- I get hungry every time I use it. Tallulah's has lots of other scents too, like this French Apple Tarte soap that looks amazing.

Another good spot to pick up a gift for one of those hard-to-buy-for people on your list!

Sea Willow Herbs

Done baking cookies -- on to the blogging!

Thanks to a giveaway that was part of the Autumn Harvest Extravaganza on the Nutshell blog, I won a lip balm from the Etsy shop Sea Willow Herbs. Which lip balm? Kissed by a Vampire, of course.

This is the best handmade lip balm I've tried yet! It's neither too greasy nor too hard, unlike most of the other lip balms I've tried. And it smells sooooo good! Orange and cinnamon :-9 And if you don't particularly want to be kissed by a vampire (really, it depends on the vampire, doesn't it? Angel or Spike, absolutely. One of those nancy-boy vamps that are soooo popular right now? No thanks) -- this is really the same as her Orange Spice lip balm. And she has some Christmasy flavors too, like this Peppermint Stick lip balm.

Sea Willow Herbs also sells aromatherapy body oils, bath salts, healing salves, and more. A great place to pick up some stocking stuffers or treats for yourself!

Not Such a Long Break After All

I'm back. Turns out I still have stuff to say about my crafting, about my fellow Etsy artistes, etc. I think I'm going to shy away from the book reviews for right now, and I may not be posting as often as formerly, but I'm not done with this blog after all.

Now, of course, I need to go make breakfast and don't have time to write the post I've got planned. Maybe later this morning, after I bake a big batch of cookies and package a bunch up to send to a friend's friend who's serving in the military overseas. Okay, so maybe I'll get to that post after lunch...