Monday, May 18, 2009

The Square Grammy -- Take Two

I blogged about my mom's store back when it first opened, and today I felt like updating you on her progress.

She's really been enjoying being a part of the Etsy world, and is having fun trying out new patterns and making some different items that she'd never tried before. She's starting to make Amigurumi like this cute ladybug, and she just listed this lovely crocheted tote this weekend. But she has yet to make her first sale, which I think is ridiculous, because she has really cute ideas and very reasonable prices. And besides, she's my mom ;-)

So click on over to and see what she has to offer.


  1. Her shop is really looking good!

  2. I dont understand why a lot of great shops get no sales.

  3. oh!! I need to learn how to crochet!

  4. Julie -- I agree!

    Ishkabibbles -- I know, isn't it odd?

    Lucy -- yes, you do! It's lots of fun :-D

  5. Thank you, my sweet daughter, for all of the kind words, and for the great plug for my shop. The Analytics tell me that your blog is sending me all kinds of traffic, but as they say - "you can lead a horse to water ..."
    Anyway, I'm trying very hard to be patient.


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