Saturday, May 30, 2009


We went to visit my brother and his wife in Boston for Memorial Day weekend. We haven't been there since Labor Day, although they've been here to visit a couple times. Daniel had a lot of fun in Boston -- we walked pretty much everywhere on Saturday and Sunday, and he loves walking, so it was like the perfect Daniel mini-break. And they introduced us to Lost -- they have the first season on dvd, so we watched the first 5 or 6 eps with them, and I'm on my way to being hooked.

When my dad joined us there Sunday night, then we did more riding in cars, but we still walked most places, or rode the train. And if there's one thing Daniel likes better than taking walks, it's trains. Days later, he's still saying, "Four trains and a bus!" when he remembers what he got to ride on Tuesday.

While my husband had to drive home on Monday night so he could work Tuesday, Daniel and I stuck around until Wednesday and then drove back here with Dad. My brother's done with school for the semester, so he got to hang out with us on Tuesday, although his wife had to work.

So it should have been a super-fun little vacation. However...

I got food poisoning.

Sunday evening we all ate at a Brazilian steakhouse, where they bring you all kinds of different meat that's been roasted over an open fire. And it was super tasty. But I had one kind of sausage that no one else tried, and when I woke up Monday morning... it was like having morning sickness plus diarrhea plus a fever. I spent most of Monday in bed, except for sudden trips to the bathroom. Even now, I'm still not back to normal.

However, I did find time to crochet eight pretty washcloths as a custom order for my shop. Good thing I got six of them done early during the weekend, so I just had to make the last two once I was feeling better. I love how cheery they are! Made from cotton yarn, they're soft and durable, and they're sure to brighten up a kitchen or bathroom. If you'd like some too, I'm going to be adding a few to my shop soon, or I'd be happy to make a custom order for you. Providing I don't get food poisoning again, of course ;-)


  1. Oh hope you are feeling better and things are back to normal. Gotta make it a point to stay away from unknowns in Brazilian steakhouses. Note to self...LOL.

  2. Sorry you weekend was marred by food poisoning...Well guess I will never try a Brazilian Steakhouse..Maybe it is a good thing I'm not that into beef..Your new cloths are very pretty...You do beautiful work.

  3. Brazilian Steakhouses as a whole are very cool, and the food was very tasty at this one, I just seem to have gotten unlucky. But I feel 100% recovered now, so yay!

    Baroness, glad you like my washcloths! I'm working on some more to list in my shop, so check back soon.

  4. Ah, that stinks. I've never eaten Brazilion food.

  5. Sounds like a fun time all except the food poisoning >.<
    That's definitely not good.
    Congrats on getting your dish cloths done though! They are beautiful :D


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