Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the Day's Not Over Yet

This has been quite a day! Started out fairly well -- although my sciatic nerve has been flaring up again, I did some different yoga poses this morning that helped a lot. And Daniel didn't make any giant messes during breakfast or lunch, that's always nice. After lunch, we went to the playground a block away like we do every day that it isn't actively raining or snowing. All was well.

Except, when we got home, I discovered I'd locked us out. Argh. But I didn't panic -- we live over an optometrist's office, and the doctor is also our landlord, so I knew he'd have keys to our apartment and could just let us in.

Except, everyone was out to lunch. So Daniel and I hung out outside for half an hour, waiting for them to return. Thank the good Lord I'd brought my water bottle along, so we didn't die of dehydration even though today it was suddenly 84 after weeks of temps in the 60s. When the doctor and his staff returned, we had a good laugh, and he scrounged around and found the keys to our apartment.

Except, none of the keys worked. It seems he had the locks changed before we moved in, and never got a copy for himself. So he called the locksmith. The locksmith was an hour away. And it was already past Daniel's nap time.

One hour, one popsicle, a bottle of Snapple, a little bag of mini cookies, one issue of Highlights for Children, and three Disney books later, the locksmith arrived, picked our lock, and let us in. Whew. Daniel got his nap, I got my keys back, the locksmith made a copy for the doctor/landlord, and all was well that ended well. So far, anyway.


  1. After all that you should have taken a nap too...probably would helped alot....Glad you day finally ended on a positive note :)

  2. Yeah, a nap might have helped, but by then I was so sweaty and hot I just wanted a shower instead.


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