Friday, January 9, 2009

"Revolutionary Woman" Journal

I just uploaded a new journal to Huggermugger. As you can see, it's covered in pictures of the character Amidala from the three Star Wars prequels. I think Natalie Portman is lovely, and her character is a strong, spirited woman, so I thought she would be a good subject for a journal.

I did something new with this journal. Instead of covering it with contact paper, I used a water-resistant sealer called Collage Pauge that I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics last week. I had been considering switching from contact paper to Mod Podge, because I thought it would look more professional, but I knew Mod Podge isn't water-resistant. I've used it on tables I've collaged on in the past, and I found I had to spray it with an acrylic sealer after the Mod Podge in order to make them water-resistant. I didn't want to do that with journals, because the acrylic spray would get on the pages too and that might make them weird.

But I discovered Collage Pauge last week and tried it out on a journal I made for a friend, and it seemed to work really well. Two coats make them as durable as contact paper, as far as I can tell, and they look much more professional. I'm so happy with this discovery!


  1. I like this one. Not a big Star Wars fan but I loved her character in the movie. And good idea about the new sealant. I'm sure that really makes a difference.

  2. That looks neat!

    Guess what:
    You've been tagged, check my blog out for the rules! Take care!

  3. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan either, but my son is...

    This is a really nice item, though!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Glad you like it, even if Star Wars isn't your thing :-)

    Frustrated -- I actually did that meme a couple weeks ago; here's my post: Thanks for tagging me, though!


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