Monday, January 26, 2009

Me Me Me

I've been tagged by The Bird Lady on her Kaleida Eclectic blog to list 8 random things about myself. Don't have anything more interesting to blog about today, so here goes:

1. I've written full first drafts of three novels, and half of a fourth.
2. I don't like the color pink much, but I love the Pink Panther.
3. My favorite book of the Bible is Ecclesiastes.
4. I prefer silver jewelry to gold.
5. I've read all of Raymond Chandler's novels and short stories.
6. I love thunderstorms.
7. My favorite Lord of the Rings character is Boromir.
8. I name my cameras. (Gabriel, Marlowe, Haldir, and Yakima.)

I duly tag these 8 bloggers:

1. Cherry's Creations
2. Tialey Vintage
3. Michelle Johnson
4. freestargirl
5. Back at the Ranch
6. Dano's Grammy
7. Magenta Fire
8. Tamara Hensley

Play if you want to!


  1. Okay, I'll list some more things! Actually this can be fun! Thanks for thinking of me! :)

  2. That's so cute you name your cameras! I have S & P shakers that are shaped like chickens - and..I have named them 'Herb & Rosemary'!

  3. I didn't know you had that many novels in the works.

    Btw, I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week.

  4. What a fun little game, I played!



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