Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not-so-skinny Dipping

Once in a while, I want to give a batch of cookies a touch of elegance. Dress them up a little, especially if I'm giving them as a gift. What do I do? Why, I dip them in chocolate, of course! They turn out looking seductively tasty... probably because they are! For example, I transformed these humble pistachio sugar cookies into ambrosia:

If you'd like to try this yourself, here's my recipe:

1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
2 (1.55 oz) bars Hershey's chocolate -- broken in pieces
1 Tbsp shortening

Stir together over low heat in a small saucepan or double boiler. Stir continuously until melted. Cool for a few minutes, then dip desired items and place them on waxed paper to cool.

You don't have to stop with cookies, either -- I've dipped dried fruit and pretzels in this too.


  1. and the girls are going to make some cookies tomorrow. perhaps we'll give this a shot.

  2. Oooh those look so decadent! Kudos!


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