Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm as Restless as a Willow in a Windstorm

I think spring has arrived at last! Sure, it's only 39 degrees today, and it snowed on Friday, but I saw fourteen robins at the playground this morning. Fourteen!!! Yesterday, none, and today they're all over the place. Yay! I'm tired of this maybe-style weather that can't make up its mind to stay winter or not. But when the robins arrive, I know it might as well be spring.

I'm celebrating the occasion by listing a fun new item in my shop, a set of crocheted embellishments! This cute little flower with its two perky leaves makes me think sunny, happy thoughts, just like those robins. They'd make a cute addition to many different projects, from a scrapbook page to a pair of your baby girl's jeans to that plain purse that needs a touch of charm.


  1. Funny... now I want to go ride a rolly coaster with a handsome newspaper reporter!

  2. I know, I am so sick of short sleeves then having to build a fire the next day. Your flower is so sweet!

  3. DKoren -- How odd! It made me want to ride one of those whirling drvish thingies with a hottie hotshot TV reporter :-D

    Julie -- So it's been that way there too, huh? Anyway, thanks!


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