Monday, February 16, 2009

Finally Finished

I have finally finished my first real knitting project! Remember that lovely Italian yarn I picked up last month? I used the turquoise to knit a scarf for my friend Emily, who's in college in Minnesota and complained to me last month that her current scarf isn't wide enough. So I made her an 8"-wide scarf. It which covers my ears, nose, mouth, and chin, so I hope she thinks it's wide enough too!

This yarn is a wool blend from Jo-Ann's Sensations Bellezza Collection, and I had lots of fun working with it because it has a hand spun texture, with sections that are wide and thick and others that are thinner. And through it all runs a shiny silver strand to add extra glamour. The hand spun texture is what makes the edges uneven -- I'm not that bad at knitting, honest!

As for the black scarf I was knitting for my son... I ripped it all out because it got weird. So either I'll start it over, or maybe try something entirely different.


  1. Nicely done! The slubbs actually go back and forth giving it a zigzag look.

  2. I just came back from my first knitting class! Well, it's actually a friend who is super-talented and super-patient, and she's teaching me and my sister to knit! I do believe I'm going to enjoy this more than I did learning how to crochet. :D

  3. Julie -- yeah, it turned out really groovy. The slubbs (I always forget that word) give it a great texture too, and they definitely give it a nifty pattern.

    Ezra's Dame -- how cool that you and your sister are both learning to knit together! What a neat activity to share. I can just see you and I at Rebelcon, knitting camo stuff while we watch Combat! :-D

  4. Get out of my head! That is the same thing I told my sister when we were in A.C. Moore's last week and I found tons of camo yarn! Pink camo, even! For Rico, natch. ;-)


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