Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Color Me Jazzed

Fellow Etsy Artiste Kid-N Around Creations is having a giveaway on her new blog that you totally need to sign up for. Among other things, she is offering one of her totally awesome crayon purses! I am so in love with these -- she has them for sale in her shop, along with crayon rolls for kids who aren't into purses. My 16-month-old, Daniel, could totally use one of these -- he's nuts about crayons right now (though he calls them 'pens') and colors on anything that strikes his fancy -- washable crayons are definitely a lifesaver around here. Anyway, a crayon roll or purse would be a great way to transport his artistic supplies without getting crayons broken or marking up stuff carried in the same bag. There's room in the purse for a pad of paper too -- how cool is that?

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