Thursday, August 27, 2009


I know I spend a lot of time on the computer, but I didn't realize just how much until our modem died on Tuesday morning. Suddenly, I couldn't check my email, I couldn't do anything with my Etsy shop, I couldn't blog, I couldn't check my Facebook... and what was worse, Daniel couldn't talk to his grandparents on Skype or watch an occasional Veggie Tales silly song on YouTube.

By the time we finally got a new modem hooked up and were back online Wednesday night, I felt like I'd been trying to quit caffeine or something. My husband and I had to take turns catching up on our internet lives after Daniel went to bed, and our own bedtime was rather later than usual.

But while I was without internet access for two days, I got an astounding number of other things done. I finished crocheting little flowers for a scarf I'm making for a custom order. I crocheted almost a dozen new scrunchies. I picked all the dead blossoms and leaves off the flowers we have hanging on our balcony. I did laundry. I fixed a toy for Daniel. I wrote up some episode reviews of my favorite TV show, Combat!, to be posted soon on the Fruit Salad fansite a friend and I have created. I worked on a story I've been revising lately. In short, I was very productive when deprived of my internet.

So I'm thinking I need to scale back on some of what I do online. Do I need to belong to quite so many Etsy teams? Maybe not. Do I need to spend quite so much time online promoting my shop when I could be making new items for it instead? Maybe not. Do I need to take quite so many fun quizzes on Facebook? Maybe not. I'm definitely going to be giving this a lot of thought. But I'm really glad I'm back online anyway :-D


  1. You know, that's happened to me before. When I have to do without something like the Internet, or something else I do a lot (TV? Chocolate?) and I make do with alternatives... I find out that sometimes the alternatives are better, and maybe better for me. Then I wonder if there was a reason why I was made to do without. I'm just sayin' ...

  2. huuummmm guilty
    It was the facebook farms that got me somebody sent me a cow. Now I always rush to keep my crops from wasting. It's insane.


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