Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas....

It's 98 degrees here today. Yesterday was almost as bad, and tomorrow promises to be the same... if not worse.

So what better time to think about Christmas, right?

Last year, I crocheted a tree skirt for the little table-top Christmas tree we have to use because this apartment is too small for a full-size tree. And I made one for my shop too. Now, I've transcribed my somewhat illegible scribblings for the pattern, put it in pdf format, and am offering it for sale in my shop. Sure, it's only August, but I figure if you want to make your own tabletop tree skirt, you might want to get started on it before, oh, December 24th. So this gives you lots of time :-)


  1. I felt the coolness in the air after reading your blog! It's been so hot that I'm actually looking forward to winter! Love the tree skirt!

  2. I agree, winter will be a welcome change around here.

    Glad you like the tree skirt! It sold the very day I listed it, so now I'm working on another one just like it for my shop. I think I might make a green-and-white one too.


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