Monday, May 7, 2012

I Have a Brown Thumb

My brown thumb

See?  Brown thumb.  That's what you get when you spend the weekend planting flowers!  Not a green thumb -- whoever came up with that silly idea?

Anyway, here is my new container garden!

View from the door to my kitchen!

It was going to be just the big white one and the two off on the ends, but I overestimated how much dirt and how many flowers would fit in those, so yesterday I ran back to the store for the two pots flanking the big one.  The little pots are an unexpected addition as well -- the largest little pot (oxymoron much?) is the lavender I started inside, and the two smaller ones are leftover snapdragon seeds, one for my son and one for my oldest daughter.  Up at the top are two pots of mint -- I bought the mint plants at the grocery store and just repotted them to match my color scheme.  They're held up by a wire railing planter thingie I used at our old apartment last year.

Here's a closer look at the pots, tagged with what's inside them:


French marigolds, dwarf celosia, and calibrachoa

Four o'clocks (seeds planted) and dwarf celosia

Snapdragons (seedlings) and nasturtiums (seeds planted)

Five lavender seedlings -- all that came up of the 24 I started

Snapdragon seeds the kids planted

And at the corner of the house, my hubby dug this little plot for more lavender:

Four square feet of lavender?  I hope so!

Um, do bunnies like lavender?  Just realized they may nibble on anything that happens to come up here.  Might end up buying lavender plants instead of using seeds, and putting in a fence... or forgetting the lavender patch, but I hope not!

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