Thursday, March 29, 2012

So... it has come to this...

We've owned our house for eight months today, and been living here for about ten days less than that.  And the terrible truth is, I'm still not unpacked.  I have ten boxes left, seven of them in my bedroom.  In fact, half of my bedroom is a complete disaster.  The half with our bed and dressers is okay, but the other half is supposed to be my little creative nook, where I can have my sewing machine, craft supplies, etc.  And that half needs help. See?

Okay, so the point of airing this dirty little secret in public is that I need some oomph to get that room whipped into shape, and I'm hoping public humiliation will do it.  I'm giving myself two months to transform that space into a usable, orderly, creative zone, and I intend to post progress pics here.  If I don't have it done by the end of May, you'll all know about it, which I'm hoping is enough extra incentive to keep me working on it whenever I can.


  1. Okay then! This will be one of my projects when I come in a couple of weeks! I will prod you to work on this nook while I watch the kids! Maybe one afternoon???? Whaddaya think?

  2. At least they are in closets, but I still have unpacked boxes too and we've lived here almost 7 years. Good luck! =)

  3. Mom, you're hired! Larry suggested we go to Ikea while you're here and see if I can get some shelves or cubes or something to help me organize. Cuz he loves building flat-pack furniture so much ;-)

    Stina, I'm not counting the storage tubs in the basement. If I did, I'd have a lot more to go! Just say yours are storage too :-D

  4. You can do it Rachel! I'm rooting for ya! :)

  5. Thanks! I've got the suitcases unpacked, so that's a start...


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