Monday, March 1, 2010

One Week Old!

I had my baby last Monday! As I had suspected, I had a girl. Why suspected? When I had my ultrasound at 20 weeks, she wouldn't uncross her legs, so we never found out what I was having. But back in early June, I woke up one morning with the firm conviction I was pregnant and having a girl. The pregnancy test confirmed the first fact, but I'd had to trust my gut on the other. I was convinced last time around I was having a boy, and I did, so I was pretty sure I was right this time too.

Daniel is getting pretty well adjusted to life with his little sister now. The first few days were really hard for him because Mommy can't do everything for him that she usually does, like pick him up and carry him. But he's starting to enjoy his new role as a big brother now, and loves bringing toys over to show to Mercedes, especially the new wooden tracks he got this week for his Thomas trains. He even kissed her on the head this morning!
So now you know why I haven't been updating this blog or my shop for a while. Hoping to ease my way back into both now that life is settling down a bit....


  1. Congratulations. She's beautiful.

  2. Love the cheeks! G;ad to hear daniel is not having such a hard time with it. Zoe is sooo jealous of River right now.

  3. Thanks!

    Yeah, Daniel's biggest issues right now are all with Mommy. We've tried to be really careful not to blame things on Mercedes, like I tell him I can't pick him up because my back hurts (which he's sorta used to cuz it does get out of whack now and then), not because I had the baby. But some things are unavoidable, like when Mommy can't hold him on her lap cuz she's feeding the baby. I hope Zoe adjusts soon!

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous, and her big brother is very handsome. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family!!

  5. Oh My, Rachel,
    You did good! You must just
    be a natural mom.

    Mercedes Ann, what a destiny this young lady must have!

    I do know that the name Ann being my middle name means Grace, Mercy and Prayer, and the only thing about Mercedes that I know of is a) expensive b)imported c) fast.

    So therefore being gracious merciful and prayerful, her worth is far above rubies; coming from a kingdom above, she is will be a light giver to her generation. She will move swiftly, definitively and with grace.

    Bless you, dear one! I love reading your blog!

    Also, just a sage word from a big sister; just because you got to go home the very same day, that doesn't mean you should not rest or take care of thyself.....:)


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