Friday, March 19, 2010

The Flight of Time

Mercedes will be a month old on Monday. How is that possible? Two weeks, that I could believe, but a month? Where did those four weeks go? Sure, I've changed about 900 diapers, sung a million songs, taken her on lots of trips to the playground with Daniel, emptied and refilled the dishwasher a few times, folded some laundry... but a whole month?

Honestly, this makes me feel terribly unproductive. I've been neglecting my shop a lot -- despite working up and taking photos of 20+ new items before Mercedes was born, I've managed to list six. I have a brilliant (I hope) idea for a new product, but I haven't managed to make a prototype yet. I bought incredibly cute fabric to make a new ring sling to carry her around in so I don't have to use the plain blue one I made for Daniel (and thus I won't get any more questions about how old my baby boy is. He's 2 1/2, thanks -- the baby in my sling is a girl, see the pink sleeper?), but I haven't managed to do that either. I did make some brownies today, at least. And I've been doing some writing. But I have all these projects I just can't seem to get around to. ARGH! Very frustrating.

On the other hand, I've done an amazing amount of snuggling with Mercedes, I've built Daniel umpteen bridges and tunnels for his trains, and I've even read a couple books that have more than 20 pages and don't star Winnie the Pooh or Thomas the Tank Engine. So my time has not been wasted, I guess. And the new product idea and ring sling aren't going anywhere -- maybe I'll get to them this weekend.

No, this weekend I should box up all the clothes people have given us for Mercedes so we can actually walk in our bedroom again without knocking over some pile or other.



  1. Hello, Dear One!

    Reading your post, I can SO identify! Story of my life.

    Isn't it amazing; it is easy to see objectively when it's not my own life!

    I remember a famous quote, and you know it too, daresay!

    To everything there is a!

    Enjoy this month bondig with Mercedes. Eat those brownies, plan those projects and yes, fold that laundry if you have to.

    But enjoy this time with Mercedes!

    There will be plenty of time to work........soon!

    Hugs and XOXO!!!!

  2. Good point ;-) On the other hand, she sleeps a lot right now and I keep feeling like I could use that time to crochet or sew while she's sleeping on me....

  3. I choose you to receive the Sunshine Award! Congratulations!

    Go to my post for more details!


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