Monday, March 1, 2010

Interview with ByCinByHand

Today I bring you the woman behind the Etsy shop ByCinByHand, where you can find handmade knitwear and vintage goodies.

What is your name?

Cinthia Singleton

Where are you right now?

New Mexico. I live in a neighborhood of old Victorian homes all built as the railroad expanded West. My home is 1908 and a labor of love, and home too.

How did you choose the name of your Etsy shop?

My shop started out as a place to feature my knits. Since I've been knitting and designing professionally for decades now, I just used that name - bycinbyhand. "Cin" is short for Cinthia. "by hand" because all the work's done with my hands. Then I started selling my vintage finds and book...but the name stays, even if I use more than my hands to keep the shop running.

When did you learn to create the things you sell in your shop?

My grandmother was an expert knitter. She knitted my grandfather's cardigans, dresses for my aunt as well as her Barbies. When I went to Gramma's house, I did what she did but in my own child way so I had my own ball of yarn and needles and a book called "How to Knit." I had to have been in 2nd grade. By the time I was 9 I made a vest which I still have that won 2nd Place at the county fair.

If you had to choose one craft to do for the rest of this year, what would it be?

I'm a knitter but I've been using more embroidery this year than ever before. It makes a piece so interesting!

What book are you recommending today?

I am recommending my book, The Soul Companion Exercise. I wrote it as a result of a manifestation exercise I worked on with my astrology clients... how can you be clearer about what you want so you aren't compromising when seeking a love? I had gotten a very abbreviated version of this exercise about 30 years ago during a tarot reading and just thought long and hard about it, did it, then expanded upon it. I self-published it last year and have been selling it here on etsy, on amazon, as well as consigning it to some very sweet little boutiques around the country.

Why does that book appeal to you?

It's a fairly simple approach to manifestation...put the desires to page and think about them once you see them there. There's something special about the written word and journaling, even in this cyber age. Another appeal for me is that I myself did the exercise and it did work. Oh, and I love the book's design. Worked very hard on that with a great graphic designer who's here on etsy as well, 240inc -

Anything else you'd like to add?

The hoodies - one in kids size and one in adults - are 20% off this week!

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