Friday, April 10, 2009

Under the Lilacs

When I was a girl, I read every one of Louisa May Alcott's books I could get my hands on. She wrote quite a few besides the Little Women series, you know. One of the ones I liked best was Under the Lilacs, and as I was thinking about it this afternoon, I decided to blog about some pretty lilac and lavender things I've found on Etsy recently.

The first is this beautiful lavender jade bracelet from NewHopeBeading. Isn't it breathtaking? I love silver jewelry, and while I don't wear bracelets often, I definitely would wear this one. I completely adore it.

I also love these Corrie hoop earrings from SilverSunshine (and I love her store name too, don't you?). They're simple and a little playful, and those lilac and aquamarine beads make me think happy Spring thoughts.

Finally, this isn't precisely lilac or lavender, but opals always look slightly purple to me. This silver dragonfly from WaveJewelry makes me yearn for summer, when I could wear open-necked shirts to show it off.

Well, those are the three pretties I've marked as favorites lately. Any of them would be a great addition to your spring wardrobe -- or mine! My birthday's coming up, after all.... :-D


  1. I love purples! What a beautiful bracelet!

  2. Beautiful picks and lovely colours for spring!

  3. Okay, I get the hint for your birthday! They are all very lovely, like you, my daughter!

  4. Everybody -- glad you like my picks!

    Mom -- you're not the only one I was hinting at, but glad I caught your eye anyway :-D

  5. Thanks for including my dragonfly pendant in your list of etsy favs.

  6. oh such pretties! I badly wanted to be Jo when I was a girl, right up till the Bear entered her life. By then I think I was betrothed to Aragorn...


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