Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No Accounting for Taste

How weird is this?  Last night, we tried out a new chili recipe that involved beer and chocolate.  When we were talking to my mom later that night, she asked us how it was.  I said it was okay, but mostly all I could taste was the beer.  My husband looked at me funny and said, "Really?  I mostly tasted chocolate -- I could hardly tell there was beer in it at all!"

I had leftovers of it for lunch today, and I still can't really taste the chocolate.  It's mostly beer, a little tomato.  And I am not a beer fan.  Neither is my husband, so we can't just assume that my taste buds are accustomed to chocolate and his to beer.

It makes me wonder what else I taste differently than other people.  When someone agrees with me that a particular food is tasty, are we really tasting the same things?  Or does watermelon, say, taste one way to me and another way to you, but we both agree it's tasty?  Kind of flips my lid a little every time I realize that I experience the world in a completely unique way, as does everyone else.

Okay, enough Deep Thoughts.  Time to get back to my crocheting while the girls nap and my son does some jigsaw puzzles.  I'm working up a new set of embellishments that are tickling my fancy quite a bit :-D


  1. Hee! Like the whole cilantro thing. I remember once at a Chinese restaurant, some friends and I ate this soup with this deep green plant leaves in it. There were three of us. One person found the leaves extremely bitter -- so bad she didn't finish it, one person thought they were mild, and they literally had no flavor whatsoever to me. Like I'd squish and chew the leaf, hold it in my mouht... nope, not even a hint of flavor. It had substance, but that was it. It was three very different reactions to the exact same dish.

    So yeah, people taste stuff totally differently and that is weird to think about. Colors too. I see more blue than one of my old friends did, so we'd always disagree on stuff "It's blue" "It's green!" -- no one could win, cuz technically we were both right, we just saw things differently.

  2. I know -- my mom and I argue over certain shades of purple (she says they're blue) all the time. Just blows my mind that she actually sees them differently.


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