Friday, January 8, 2010


Lisa over at the Alterity blog tagged me in this rather fun meme full of random stuff about me -- and since I've got nothing else in mind to blog about, here goes:

Your hair Brown, long, and straight.

Your favorite food Chocolate. That's a whole food group, right?

Your favorite drink Coca-Cola.

Your dream/goal To have a book published.

Your hobby Crocheting, collage-ing, photography, writing fanfiction about the 1960s WWII-based TV show Combat!, baking, playing Scrabble on Facebook....

Your fear Failure. Also, seeing someone I love plummet to their doom off a high cliff while I stand helplessly by.

Where were you last night Here at home.

Something you say all the time I have this habit of ending sentences with "so...." I'm trying to break myself of that.

Something you are not Unpregnant.

Wishlist item
The Australia soundtrack.

Last thing you did Went to Daniel's room to remind him he's supposed to be taking a nap, not carrying on both sides of a conversation about his toy semi truck.

What you are wearing Jeans and an over-large black t-shirt (that still fits over my 33-weeks-along tummy) that says "Let's hunt some Orc."

Your pets None at the moment, alas.

Friends I've got four best friends in California, Minnesota, and North Carolina, and other friends everywhere from Connecticut to Australia.

Missing someone Larry, who won't be home from work for three more hours.

Something you're not wearing Shoes. I hates them, Precious.

Your favorite store Michael's, Barnes & Noble, Jo-Ann Fabrics, Suncoast, Borders, FYE.

Your favorite color
Purple, blue, and green. And grey.

The last time you cried Tuesday.

The last time you laughed About 15 minutes ago.

One place that you go to over and over Church, the library, the grocery store, and Walmart -- our regular weekendly destinations.

Where do you eat In the kitchen. Or at a restaurant now and then.

I'm not going to tag anyone -- play if you want to!

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