Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life Lately

Life is starting to settle down a little. Finally! Mercedes turned 6 weeks old yesterday, and while not every day is smooth sailing, at least I'm not physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted every evening. Tired, yes, but not at the end of my patience and energy anymore. We had a great Easter :-)

It helps that we've got Mercedes used to going to sleep at 10pmish instead of midnight now. It also helps that Daniel's adjusting more and more every day to not being the center of his universe anymore. And it helps that she's old enough and it's warm enough that I can take her to shops and things without so much worry of her catching something. I still haven't taken her anywhere really crowded, but we did go to the local train museum (aka Daniel heaven) last week, and to an independently owned yarn store (aka Mommy heaven) that I just discovered not tooooo far away.

It did rain a bit last week. Daniel stayed busy with painting after lunch one day. I figured out a quick way to make him a little painting smock: I took one of my hubby's undershirts that was stained and on the rag pile, cut it off below the breast pocket and trimmed the sleeves, and it's perfect!

And these are Mercedes' tiny feet, which I adore. She's already got little arches! That amazes me no end, because Daniel's feet curved outward for months and months, they were soooo chubby. She's chubby everywhere else, but not those little feet! They're long like Daniel's, though -- she's in some 3-6mo socks already.

So, that's life here lately. I've got some craft projects in the works too, but I'll post about those some other time. Hope your Easter was joyful. Happy spring!

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