Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We spent Labor Day Weekend up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My brother and his wife came along too, so it was a really fun trip, despite the longish drives up and back. We got there late Saturday afternoon, and left Monday morning after breakfast. So all we really did Saturday was find the historic district and have supper there at a French/Alsatian restaurant, then go back to our hotel and crash.

On Sunday, we walked around the historic district again and did some shopping. We bought really yummy hot apple cider laced with maple -- the morning was a bit nippy, and of course we all forgot our jackets at the hotel, so the warm drink was welcome. Less welcome were the yellow jackets that started following us around, attracted by the sweet aroma. So we drank up kind of quickly and tossed our cups before anyone got stung.

We had lunch there in the historic district, then drove back to the hotel so Daniel could get his nap. Larry decided to snooze as well, but the rest of us went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. We didn't get to see everything, as we only had a couple of hours there before the museum closed, but what we did see was awesome. A Rembrandt, a couple Monets, a couple Picassos, a Degas, a Salvador Dali... and a lot more that I'm forgetting. We also got to see a whole bunch of paintings and artifacts from the Napoleonic age, including some busts and portraits of Napoleon, and also his actual hair in a locket, one of his famous hats, a boot, a pair of his gloves, and one of his shirts. Too cool.

We ate supper Sunday night at a restaurant near our hotel, in the newer section of the city, then took a dip in the hotel pool before bedtime. Daniel's starting to really enjoy playing in the pool, and he's getting very good at kicking his feet. He's even starting to trying "swim" by floating on his stomach with his face up out of the water while Larry or I supports him. Won't be long!

Anyway, that's all my news for now. We'll be going on a big vacation on Saturday to visit Larry's family -- we'll be gone for almost two weeks, so if you don't hear much from me for a bit, you know why :-)

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  1. Rachel, Your Welcome for the blog post. :) Those candle holders are too cute!

    Sounds like your family had a wonderful time in Montreal! I would love to visit and the art museum sounds awesome!!!

    Good luck with your giveaway!
    Take Care,
    Amy :)


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